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Acqua Panna’s 500 mL plastic bottle is the drink holder-friendly format that is perfect to take with you for hydration on-the-go. Let the smoothest tasting natural spring water from Tuscany accompany you wherever you are, whether it’s a casual dining or simply to keep you going throughout your day.  All Acqua Panna plastic bottles are 100% recyclable and BPA free.


The 250 mL glass bottle with screw cap is just the right amount of refreshment alongside a light meal and the perfect format for parties and friendly gatherings. Bottled directly at the source  in Tuscany, Acqua Panna water has a naturally occurring, unique mineral balance that gives it the smoothest taste. Keep one in your bag or backpack, and let the smoothness of Acqua Panna accompany you everyday on all your exciting journeys. All Acqua Panna glass bottles are 100% recyclable and BPA free.